“Partnering With AFFIRM1776”

Several means exist for you to partner with us – plus we will always remain open to  your email suggestions of ways beyond those outlined below.  You can email us at affirm1776@hartcom.net or call (706) 376 - 0554.         

  • “Bookmark” and tell friends about AFFIRM1776 (including this website and its “blog”).
  • Help us financially with tax-exempt contributions and gifts (after reading below how we plan to use these).
  • Send us relevant articles (and recommend books) that we should consider for AFFIRM1776’s library,
        recommended reading lists and archives.

AFFIRM1776’s Use of Funds, Grants and Gifts

At this time, AFFIRM1776 can accept contributions only in the form of checks , money orders and other similar cash instruments. Acceptance of electronic payments such as debit or credit card contributions is anticipated in the future.  Currently, AFFIRM1776 will consider individually accepting other gifts such as real property, securities, intellectual property or similar types of assets, but presently has no established methods, practices or procedures for these types of contributions.

Contributions can be accepted only where no obligation to the donor is implied, agreed to or otherwise created for AFFIRM1776.  Contributions can be accepted only from supporting individuals and private, non-governmental organizations.  No governmental funds or grants, and no commercially-sponsored advertising can be sought or accepted.

AFFIRM1776 is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a “public charity” under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Thus, contributions, grants and gifts are normally tax-exempt for the donor. However, if in doubt, donors should rely on advice from their tax advisor.
AFFIRM1776 will use any contributions to further its three principal objectives and purposes which are:
  (1) Promotion of dialog and critical study of ideas which can help the nation better build on and/or return to the greatest and most lasting of those concepts used
       by our nation’s founders beginning in 1776; and sponsoring public activities of the best of these.
  (2) Recognition of, honoring and assisting the many veteran’s of our nation’s armed forces, law enforcement, security and first-responder organizations who
       have served the United States of America’s governments and citizens throughout our history; and thereby contributed – often at great personal sacrifice -
       to the advancement of freedom in this country and the world.
  (3) Advancement of the public’s knowledge of and respect for the proper care and display of the nation’s emblems - especially its flag.”
At this time (i.e. - AFFIRM1776's initial years of operation) funds and gifts received are expected to be used primarily in support of (1) above.
Several important policies dictated in its Constitution will be required of and characterize AFFIRM1776.
   - Article III, Section 2 requires that the organization shall be absolutely non-partisan.  It may not promote the candidacy of any person seeking public office or
      preferment.  No public official or governmental staff member affiliated with an established party, and no lobbyist may be a voting member of AFFIRM1776.
   - Article III, Section 3 states that any product or service of AFFIRM1776 shall always be equally available to all individuals, groups and political parties so
      long as none of them make any exclusive claim on that product or service. 
   - Article VII, Section 2 states that after three years from beginning operations (i.e. – after “startup” activities and costs), “no less than 76% of all funds should
      be directly devoted to one or more of AFFIRM1776’s primary purposes”.  This “76%” will also – if feasible – be a goal for AFFIRM1776’s beginning
      years, although it is envisioned that startup costs (particularly for designing and implementing the website and “blog”) may have an inordinate financial impact
      on the organization during that time.
Planned activities currently include improving this website with additional features such as:
   (a) A “Library” (with recommended reading lists) of articles and essays on topics related to AFFIRM1776’s purposes;
   (b) A “Blog Happenings” section for publishing “pro” and “con” articles and essays on governmental ideas ( e.g. – voting systems; term limits;
         taxation systems; "sun-setting" provisions for legislative/regulatory acts; etc.), and posting representative comments and inputs from the blogsite
Current plans also include strengthening and adding to the programs and presentations available through AFFIRM1776’s “Speakers Bureau”.  Finally,
with sufficient resources, work on AFFIRM1776’s other objectives ( i.e. – assisting veterans and their families; and public education of the nation’s
symbols) will begin.
Contributions to AFFIRM1776 should be mailed to:      AFFIRM1776
                                                                                    P. O. Box 911
                                                                                    Hartwell, GA   30643

Questions and other inquiries should be made to:

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