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AFFIRM1776 maintains a fulltime blog* - -  as an
important part of carrying out its first objective which is the “promotion of dialog
and critical study of ideas which can help the nation better build on and/or
return to the greatest and most lasting of those concepts used by our nation’s
founders beginning in 1776; and sponsoring public activities of the best of these.”
     * Currently operating in a "test" mode which you are welcome to visit and use now although some minor inconveniences may exist.
                                  (A)  AFFIRM1776 believes that ordinary people have great ideas that can help America
                                         restore important principals used by our founders in 1776, but since neglected or
                                         distorted by courts, legislatures and/or bureaucrats.
                                  (B)  Our nation needs a means to get these ideas expressed and sorted by their subject
                                         and intensity (or frequency).
  (C)  As these ideas accumulate (with their pros and cons), AFFIRM1776’s non-partisan Board of Advisors will
         evaluate the most promising for further study and debate.  Several potential routes for this further review
     The ORIGINAL SOURCE of the ideas is “ordinary people” –
     not government officials, bureaucrats, or lobbyists.
                         The MEANS (in (B) above) is completely INDEPENDENT of
                         government officials, bureaucrats, and lobbyists.
                                        The ACTIONS and FOLLOWTHROUGH occur in places other than
                                        Washington, D.C. or the state capitals, and with other audiences than
                                        government officials, bureaucrats, and lobbyists.
       (1)  Send us your thoughts and/or rebuttal on any subject dealing with our Constitution and how it has been interpreted (or reinvented)
             since it was adopted by our founders.  Utilize our blog,, or contact us at
                -  Please be as succinct as possible – preferably no more than 500 words.
                -  Use specific examples of current laws, regulations, etc. when comparing original intent with modern applications.
                We specifically ask that you keep your writings and musings “family-friendly”.
                -  Remember that anything you send will become "public record”, and you must include your name and town of residence.             
       (2)  Watch our website ( to see and read your comments and/or that of others (pro and con) from the same subject area.
                -  Of course not all messages will be posted – and for those that are, the posting will normally not occur immediately.
                -  AFFIRM1776 will attempt to review all inputs and select the best or most representative of all sides.  Those will be posted in full or in an
                   excerpt form that remains as true to your intent as we can possibly do.
       (3)  If you feel particularly passionate about a subject, consider organizing a presentation or town-hall forum in your locale.
                -  You can use AFFIRM1776’s website dialog or its Speakers Bureau.
                -  If you contact us at, we will give you any ideas and assistance we can.
       (4)  Keep AFFIRM1776 “in the loop” after your event with a report or an article from your local media.
(1)  Assignment to independent individuals or groups of university professors for more academic
       reviews which can then be published or made available by AFFIRM1776.
(2)  Setting up presentations and “Town Hall” forums around the nation.
(3)  Publishing lists of articles, books, and other such materials on the subject, and making those
       articles, books and other materials readily available on AFFIRM1776’s website.
(4)  Inviting individual editorial or opinion writers on all sides of the subject, and publishing their
       words on AFFIRM1776’s website.
AFFIRM1776 is not intended as a tool for issues and debates going on in the daily news cycle - such as a specific Congressional vote about to take place on a particular budget proposal, or a statehouse plan to raise the current sales tax rate.
AFFIRM1776 is intended as a tool for gaining or increasing our citizen’s understanding and support for more fundamental, long-term issues.